Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°20 2017)

Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°20 2017)

Vous êtes une association, un établissement scolaire, une collectivité ? Voici une sélection d’organisations de différents pays européens qui recherchent des partenaires en région pour participer à des projets d’échanges…

  • Projet :  ERASMUS + mobility of youth workers, Training course about safety of youth in youth workers job
  • Coordinateur : Safe District Starachowice Asociacion and Scout Rescue Group Starachowice, Poland
  • Date du projet : Between June and November 2017, approx. 6-8 days
  • Partenaire recherché : 4-6 youth workers/leaders etc. for training course in Poland. Helping with group preparation and reimbursement.
  • Description / Objectifs :During course we will teach each other how to create safety environment for activities with kids and youth, risk management, basics of first aid, how to educate of responsibility, how to organize safety summer camp with extreme activities. Reimbursement depending of distance. Participants Fee – up to 25€.
  • Contact : Please send your application with organization information to : We will respond only for chosen applications. Call open for all countries.


  • Projet :  ERASMUS + Youth exchange “MOBILE & FRIENDLY RELOADED”
  • Coordinateur : Youth development center-Mutual aid, in Varhovrah, Bulgaria
  • Date du projet : 23-31.08.2017
  • Partenaire recherché : 36 young people, at age between 18-25 plus 7 leaders or total 42 people, from 6 European countries.
  • Description / Objectifs :The project will be focused on the intercultural dialogue and the communication of the local community with migrants from different European countries and other continents. The participants will be discussing various good practices and examples of work with representatives of foreign cultures and nationalities, and will gain more knowledge about working with migrants and refugees through various simulation games, presentations and discussions. Kazanlak, as a place of co-existence of different cultures, will be the perfect example for that. The hosting organization will present its experience in working with representatives of different cultural communities as well as with its ways and methods for popularization and promotion of the European volunteering in the region. The methods of non-formal education will contribute for the personal engagement of every participant in the exchange, and for the interactivity of the sessions. The results of the projects include: raising the awareness of the local community concerning the struggle against racial and other discriminatory prejudices, as well as enhancing the skills and competencies of the young participants for work with migrants and refugees.
  • Contact :,


  • Projet :  ERASMUS + Youth exchange “Adventure in Swedish nature”
  • Coordinateur : Hästekasen Farm and adventre centre, in Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Date du projet : Deadline for this partner request 01.10.2017 and the project will be taking place 01-10.7.2018
  • Partenaire recherché : 14-30 years. We are aiming at 60 participants so we will be able to form new age groups with different levels of challenges with mixed nationals. 6 + 1 youth leader from each national.
  • Description / Objectifs :An intense week living in nature, doing activities that will increase your understanding of both nature and your own human nature. The group explore nature together in mixed national groups. Different physical activities that demands muscle, heart, focus and reflection. We explore our needs when it comes to food, shelter, warmth and sewage. Basic scout survival skills as well as understanding food production. The activities take place on a farm in a forest close to the sea. The participants must be ready to expose their bare skin to clay and water. There will be activities during the night. There will be fire, swimming, climbing, digging, picking, singing, screaming, running, dancing, drumming, cooking, fighting, sharing, playing, jumping, discussin…
  • Contact : Sebastian Naslund,


A noter, le réseau Salto-Youth, vous propose une base de donnés d’opportunités pour participer à des séminaires de contact et formations dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+ ainsi qu’un moteur de recherche de partenaires pour vos projets européens. Pour le milieu éducatif, School Education Gateway recense des opportunités et des appel à partenaires spécialisées.

Rédacteur : CRIJ/CIED - Angela L.
Date création : 01/03/2017
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