Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°28 2018)

Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°28 2018)

Vous êtes une association, un établissement scolaire, une collectivité ? Voici une sélection d’organisations de différents pays européens qui recherchent des partenaires en région pour participer à des projets d’échanges…

  • Projet : Exchange of good practices,  Erasmus+ Education KA204
  • Coordinateur : Association Fundation Gestion y participation social, Madrid, Spain
  • Partenaire recherché : We would like to participate in an Erasmus+ Education project in the field of adult education, mainly but we are open to other kind of projects
  • Description/objectif : Our main goal is to share our activity and know other entities that are doing something similar, such as consulting for NGOs. In addition, we would like to share our knowledge about e learning from technical to pedagogical aspects. This would be our first experience in a European project so first of all our aim to get to know a bit better the actions taking part from institutions TO social entities.  An exchange of good practices is the option that adapts the best to our own activity.
    Our aim is to participate in the Round of Erasmus+ Education KA204.
  • Contact : Jorge Hermida, Natalia López y Sophie Buchanan  /


  • Projet : KA2 VET project called « ALLPASS – Adequate learning leads to passion »
  • Coordinateur : « Ion Ghica » Economic College (school of vocational and technical education), Romania
  • Partenaire recherché : preferably VET (Vocational Technical Education) highschool with initial training – services – business administration, or economic agents with whom we will collaborate to achieve our objectives.
  • Date du projet : 24 months – 36 months
  • Date limite : March 21
  • Description/objectif : Increase the quality of teaching and learning by improving the skills to elaborate local development curriculum for a total number of 7 VET teachers participating in learning teaching training, for 5 days in one of the partner country. Improvement of the quality of professional training of 5 tutors from each country to provide practical training in companies by learning teaching training provided in one of the partner country, in order to attract students and to facilitate insertion on the labour market for future graduates.
  • Contact : Carmen Radulescu /


  • Projet : « United by Arts »Erasmus+ project at the level of artistic teaching of theater and dance
  • Coordinateur : The Conservatory Professional Arts School of Madeira, Portugal
  • Date du projet : 3 weeks mobility periods
  • Description/objectif :  It´s a project that is focused in the development of professional learning through the promotion of mobility among students of different schools in order to enable international and multicultural levels of experience by providing performance experience in different contexts and confronting the curriculum and the syllabus of different countries. This project includes a total of 63 trainees, aged between 16 and 25 years old in the fields of music, theater and contemporary dance in professional education (professional qualification level IV), who are attending the 3rd and 2nd years
  • Contact : Vítor Gonçalves /


  • Projet : Youth Exchange « Old Europe, proud lady » in Vereb, Hungary
  • Coordinateur : Rainbow Tribe Non Profit Association in Hungary
  • Partenaire recherché : associations working with youngters between 18 and 23. The main target (but not exclusively) are disadvantage youngsters under state care, but also youngsters who live with their families, young adults ans youth workers.
  • Date du projet : July 2018
  • Description/objectif : This projet will gather 42 young people from European contries. The main themes : European year of cultural heritage, migration and intercultural learning. The project aims to learn about european cultures, increase the sense of emphaty and to organise a travelling festival (1 / 2 days in local villages).
  • Contact : Zsófia Nánási /


A noter, le réseau Salto-Youth, vous propose une base de donnés d’opportunités pour participer à des séminaires de contact et formations dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+ ainsi qu’un moteur de recherche de partenaires pour vos projets européens. Pour le milieu éducatif, School Education Gateway recense des opportunités et des appel à partenaires spécialisées.

Rédacteur : CRIJ/CIED - Angela L.
Date création : 27/02/2018

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